Every spring, the city of Ottawa comes alive with a vibrant explosion of colors as millions of tulips burst into bloom.

A rich history

The Ottawa Tulip Festival holds historical significance as it commemorates Canada’s special bond with the Netherlands. Today, the festival serves as a reminder of this unique connection and showcases the breathtaking tulip displays that adorn the city.

Dates and locations

The main festival grounds are located at Commissioners Park, along the picturesque Dow’s Lake. Here, you’ll find huge beds of tulips in a medley of colors. Other tulip displays can be found throughout the city, including Major’s Hill Park, Parliament Hill, and the ByWard Market.

Must-see attractions

Start with Commissioners Park and learn about the different tulip varieties. Take a relaxing boat ride on Dow’s Lake to enjoy the tulips from a different perspective. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Major’s Hill Park, with its stunning views of the Ottawa River and a delightful blend of tulips and other spring blooms.

Events and activities

Enjoy live music performances, and cultural showcases and capture the essence of the festival through photography contests and indulge in delicious food offerings from local vendors.

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