From exploring the historic charm of Old Montreal to indulging in delicious street food, attending festivals, and cheering on your favorite sports teams, there’s something for everyone in this lively metropolis.

Explore Old Montreal

Marvel at the stunning architecture, visit the iconic Notre Dame Basilica, and discover hidden gems in charming boutiques, art galleries, and cafes. Old Montreal offers a perfect blend of culture, history, and picturesque beauty.

Attend one of the 30 festivals in the city

From the International Jazz Festival to Just for Laughs, FrancoFolies, and many more, there’s a festival to suit every taste. Indulge in live music performances, comedy shows, art exhibitions, and culinary delights as you celebrate the city’s diverse cultural offerings.

Hangout in a park

Montreal boasts numerous beautiful parks where you can relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy outdoor activities. Explore the Botanical Garden, known for its stunning array of flowers and themed gardens. Parc Jean-Drapeau, located on Saint Helen’s Island, offers a range of recreational activities and hosts major events throughout the summer.

Check out a street fair

Visit the famous Rue Sainte-Catherine during the pedestrian-only weekends, where you can explore an array of street performances, vendors selling unique goods, and delicious street food. From live music to art installations, street fairs provide a dynamic and immersive experience.

Have some drinks on a terrace and eat your way through the city

Enjoy some drinks on a terrace while savoring delicious cuisine, from French-inspired dishes to international flavors. Don’t miss trying the city’s famous poutine, bagels, and smoked meat sandwiches for a true Montreal culinary experience.

Enjoy the fireworks

During the summer months, Montreal comes alive with spectacular fireworks displays. Witness the mesmerizing pyrotechnic shows at La Ronde, the city’s Six Flags amusement park, where stunning fireworks light up the night sky in sync with the music and special effects.

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